The Fourth Satanic Estate

Gelareh Khoie
7 min readJul 8, 2021

Let it be known that I am a grouchy “America” malcontent. Everything about this country makes me sick to my stomach, and lately, I mean that quite literally. Recently, I had to endure several nights of total mayhem in the streets where reptilian-brained Neanderthals blew up explosives in the streets in a flagrant display of how citizens of this country are obsessed with death by explosion. An observant friend of mine remarked that this obsession with death by bombardment is even in the national anthem. No wonder there are more guns in the country than there are people. It’s not surprising, then, to discover that the founding myths of America and that great mythic ruler of hell have so much in common.

I’m speaking more specifically about the press. I think instead of calling it the Fourth Estate, we should start calling the press and news media the Fourth Satanic Estate. Reporters and journalists are like savage crazed rats terrorizing culture with their insatiable appetites for evermore disgusting and disheartening revelations that generate in the masses a psychological feeding frenzy of clicks and shares. The “news” they generate and distribute is almost always focused on the most reprehensible and horrific events of the world and journalists can barely hide their delight when reporting on such phenomena. As crazed diseased rats, journalists are responsible for spreading dis-ease among the masses, ensuring that no one can ever attain unto the bliss of a good night’s sleep, aggressively pressing forward as they do their messages of hatred, discord, and disharmony. The word “dis” is another name for Hades, so when we spread dis-ease, dis-harmony, and dis-cord, we are constellating the energies of hell.

According to the hysterical, fear-based patriarchally-aligned readings of ancient myths, Satan’s role in the story was to bet against god and show him how easy it is to corrupt the soul of man by injecting humans with certain ideas and then just standing back and watching them spin out in a mutually inclusive death spiral. It was Satan’s role to inject victims with inflating misleading ideas about their power and talent, impose upon them a certain manufactured notion, for example, about an unfaithful wife using deceptive imagery, or impress their psyches with news of an event that is intolerable from the perspective of hereditary morality, such as drinking the blood of babies.

Journalists today have completely lost sight of the moral high ground, having sunk into the pits of hell with all the other sinners ages ago when they sold their souls to Satan in exchange for their name in print and the chance to squeal out their opinions on television while covered in heavy orange cake make-up. Today, the news media is responsible for maintaining the rigid uneducated structure of the collective psyche which is sagging in mass depression under the weight of all the hateful vitriol and virtuosic levels of vacuous mediocrity heaped upon it each day by these stupendous purveyors of rage, idiocy, and fear.

Each morning, the major newspapers of our Empire of Morons announce that day’s originality-killers known as headlines. In quick succession, every other paper, online or print, mimics the same exact stories with minor twists and turns so that everywhere a zombified human turns, the same ideas and the same conclusions about them pop up on their screens. By lunchtime, our illustrious dunce-cap wearing citizens are gabbing away about these little snippets of lovingly crafted bullshit as if it were all completely real and true, as opposed to being manufactured devices to keep them in line while the merciless cogs of industry suck their blood and feed the yawning jaws of the System with it. What creeps me out the most is that by evening, those same storylines are fed to the public through the secret weapon of comedy and our nighttime clowns jiggle their little sticks in our faces and reiterate what has by then almost become pure dogma. Colbert, Kimmel, the other ones, I can hardly bring myself to care — they’re funny, yes, but their role is to plant the wishes of the empire a little deeper into your psyche, to lull you into a state of slumbering acquiescence, and to strengthen your psychological investment in the status quo and its belief structures. The media manufactures your consent on ideas that capture your imagination, ideas that keep you in line. For each subculture, a different sort of idea is manufactured depending upon which area of that culture’s collective psyche is most vulnerable to attack and manipulation. Or conversely, what is organically generated out of the collective unconscious within a specific subculture in response to genuine psychic need is weaponized by the forces of the system and used against the same culture that gave rise to it. This is how religion to this day is still such an emotional topic and why religious people are so easy to manipulate. In our culture, though, those who claim to be atheists turn their secular ideas into quasi-religious and use the same torrential emotional energies to defend them. They are just as easy to manipulate.

People stand around and debate these manufactured “news” inanities for hours using the heroic voices of certitude, never imagining even for a second that everything they are speaking about has been placed there on purpose by a system hell-bent on psychological manipulation. It’s truly staggering to witness so-called intellectuals, teachers, writers — all passionately debating the stories of the day as though these were the real scenarios and realities of our world. How incredibly dull and unimaginative the popular culture and all its ambassadors have become. How deadened to the hidden beauty and magic underlying everything, including their bewitchment by the forces of evil. How can we go through our days and not know that we are being controlled and manipulated by enormous powers whose only goal is to keep us in check so that we don’t become aware of the complete colonial hegemony operating in our souls?

There is this supreme irony wherein woke people talk about instigating a program of decolonization while using the tools created by the colonialists to effect this change. People want to use the media, social or otherwise, to spread awareness about a decolonization program while using the very same tools of colonization itself. It’s like untying the knots of bondage with one hand while tightening them again with the other. Using the media to spread awareness is completely meaningless since the voracious appetite of the media world equalizes everything into a common imaginal language where we can no longer tell the difference between what is sublime and what is ridiculous. On screens that invite us to waste our lives away consuming never-ending “content,” The Seventh Seal and Teenage Ninja Turtles appear side by side, in the same space consisting of infinite little squares of color crying out to us each with its own increasingly hysterical pitch for our attention. There is no longer any real distinction between high art and total bullshit, both are now just “content” re-designed to keep us ensnared in a digital life of consumer misery. Notice how often people talk about what TV show they are streaming. It’s as though consuming streaming content is the only way we can define ourselves anymore. How few are those who look out at this state of affairs with alarm. Just the other day I saw a news piece about a new plan for an advertising incursion into our dreams — who seeks entry into our dreams to advertise there? Coors Light.

This Satanic Fourth Estate, like so many other innovations in pure evil, is an American phenomenon, one that is shared especially by America’s founding father, Great Britain. Only in England are the dark media depravities of what some have ruefully called the Great Satan equally matched. Indeed, it could be argued that the noxious malevolence of the media state was invented in England and imported to America.

In keeping with my disgruntled position as a malcontent, I don’t see in social justice movements actual movement toward social justice, for example. I see a collective inability to admit that there is no such thing as justice in an inherently unjust system. There is no “fixing” America. It was rotten to the core even at its inception, founded as it was upon misguided fanatical spiritual dogmas and voracious greed. The whole idea of America and everything “for which it stands” must be scrapped and a completely new idea together with a completely new group of leaders brought forward. I believe America must do what it does best — outsource the running of its government to civilized, educated, and more advanced beings. Maybe the Germans can do it! Because the truth is that America only stands for evil, just one look at the grocery shelves filled with poisonous foods that are perfectly legal is all we need to understand what this country is all about. And until this truth is fully accepted and digested, the coast to coast depression, despair, obesity, economic malaise, drug overdoses, porn addictions, and all-out misery masquerading as life that our media reports on all day long with unconcealed glee will continue to flourish.

Some may say to me, “Well, if you’re so mad why don’t you do something about it?” In America, you always have to “do something about it,” starting with “love it or leave it.” That’s not a problem for me, I am actively working on leaving, and as I slowly pack my boxes I think to myself in the darkest way imaginable, “I am never coming back.” I think anyone with a brain should know it’s time to leave. Just like smart people are starting to leave California, even smarter ones are starting to leave America. But I’m doing something else about “it,” too. I’m starting a news media company, one that serves Love, Beauty, and Truth, not Fake Jesus, Guns, and the Almighty Racist Dollar. How anyone can talk about solving the problem of racism while using the racist dollar as a currency is beyond me, but that line of thought will have to wait for the new news channel.

Stay tuned.



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